Brooklyn HealthWorks Eligibility Criteria (for Small Employers)

Contact Brooklyn HealthWorks by phone at 718-596-4550 or via email at to determine if you qualify for Brooklyn HealthWorks.  You may also download our Brooklyn Chamber Preferred Brokers list and contact one of these Chamber Members to assist you.  Lastly, below are questions to help you determine if you qualify for the plan.  Please note that our insurance carrier, Group Health, Inc. (GHI), makes all final eligibility determinations for Brooklyn HealthWorks.

Brooklyn HealthWorks Eligibility Self-Assessment for Small Employers

Please answer the four questions below to determine if you might qualify for Brooklyn HealthWorks.  If you do not qualify for HealthWorks, you may contact one of these brokers or contact a health insurance specialist at the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce at 718-943-3882 for free assistance in identifying other affordable options for your business. 

1.  Is your business/organization located in Brooklyn (Kings County, NY)? [You must answer “yes” to qualify.]

2.  Does the class (or classes) of employees the business/organization wants to cover number between 2-50 workers? [You must answer “yes” to qualify.]

Note: A class of employees can be based on geographic location, wages, method of payment, job duties, and hours.  Include business partners/owners when answering this question.  Include part-time workers on payroll and/or documented 1099 independent contract workers in your response if you plan to offer coverage to them (with no obligation to contribute to monthly premiums).

3.  Within the last 12 months has your business/organization provided comprehensive group health insurance for the class(es) of employees you would like to offer Brooklyn HealthWorks coverage? [You must answer “no” to qualify or have contributed less than $75 per employee per month.]

  • If you answered “yes” and contributed more than $75 per employee per month, you do not qualify.
  • If you answered “yes” to this question and the coverage you provided does NOT include both medical and hospitalization coverage, you may still qualify.
  • Family Health Plus, Child Health Plus, Medicaid, and Healthy NY do NOT count as comprehensive coverage when answering this question.
  • If your business/organization offered coverage to only certain employees, e.g., management or salaried workers, you may still be eligible for Brooklyn HealthWorks.  In this situation, only the classes of employees not offered coverage within the last 12 months would be eligible for Brooklyn HealthWorks.

4.  Do 30% of the employees to whom you would like to offer Brooklyn HealthWorks coverage make less than $41,250 in annual gross wages and will at least 1 person earning less than $41,250 enroll? [You must answer “yes” to qualify.]

Note: When answering this question, include only the wages for the employees who will be eligible for coverage.  For example, if you plan to provide Brooklyn HealthWorks to only full-time employees, do not include the wages for part-time workers.

Still not sure if you qualify for Brooklyn HealthWorks?  Contact Brooklyn HealthWorks by phone at 718-596-4550, or via email at to determine if you qualify.