Brooklyn HealthWorks Provider Networks

Brooklyn HealthWorks subscribers have in-network access to GHI's Tri-State Provider Network, with more than 172,000 participating provider locations, the majority of the "Top Docs" listed in New York Magazine, and virtually every acute care hospital in New York State.  

To determine if your doctor will accept Brooklyn HealthWorks coverage, you can ask him or her directly or go to GHI’s Web site and enter your GHI ID# under "Find a Doctor".  If you do not know your ID# or if you do not have one yet, enter “Healthy New York EPO” as the plan when searching for providers who will accept our plan.

Looking for a doctor or hospital in Brooklyn?  Consider one of these high quality providers in GHI’s network:

Brooklyn HealthWorks Dental/Vision Provider Networks

Dental and Vision Network Providers

Please click here to find dentists in the Guardian provider networks.  Click on "Find a Provider" under "Resources" in the upper right hand corner.  For the Brooklyn HealthWorks “Preferred” plan, search under DHMO/Pre-paid.  For the Brooklyn HealthWorks “Premier” plan, search under PPO.  Don’t see your dentist in either of these networks?  You may nominate your dentist to either the Preferred Plan (Guardian DHMO) or the Premier Plan (Guardian PPO) by downloading the following forms (in PDF format):

Please click here to find vision care providers in the Davis Vision network.

Don’t see your doctor in the Davis provider network?  You may nominate your doctor by clicking here to download the nomination form (in PDF format).