Brooklyn Goes Global

Brooklyn Goes Global (BGG) is the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce’s marketing program for Brooklyn manufacturers competing in an international marketplace. BGG’s tri-level strategy helps to identify, evaluate and connect Brooklyn manufacturers and export/import companies with domestic and international buyers through promotion and marketing, education and training, and technical assistance.

Promotion and Marketing

Brooklyn Goes Global produces and participates in a number of events throughout the year to help Brooklyn manufacturers reach beyond Brooklyn’s borders and connect with the global marketplace.

Education and Training

Brooklyn Goes Global produces a series of seminars and workshops designed to increase sales, reduce costs and enable manufacturers to meet the rigorous standards of major retailers. Speakers provide specific, practical and technical advice to help manufacturers prepare their products for the shelves of choice retailers.

Technical Assistance

Brooklyn Goes Global prepares manufacturers to succeed through market research, buyer outreach, lead generation and referrals. BGG clients receive one-on-one consultative services to help them meet government regulations and buyers’ standards for various technical issues, including facility and equipment, product evaluation, export documentation, and more.

Contact Us!

For more information about Brooklyn Goes Global’s programs, services and events, please contact Adriana Scotti, at 718-875-1000 ext. 138, or at

Brooklyn Goes Global is a program of the Brooklyn Alliance, Inc., which is the 501(c)3 nonprofit economic development arm of the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce.