Export Documentation

A Certificate of Origin is an export document certifying that the referenced goods were produced in the United States. The Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce is pleased to provide Certificates of Origin to Brooklyn Chamber Members as a benefit of membership (free of charge), and to non-members for an administrative fee of $30 per certificate.

On this page you will find general information about Certificates of Origin, a detailed description of the Brooklyn Chamber's certification process, and links to the documents you are most likely to need.

General Information

Certificates of Origin exist in several forms. There is a general Certificate of Origin (click to download) for use when shipping to countries that do not have any special trade agreement with the United States, and that do not require their own special forms and procedures. The general certificate is recognized by the vast majority of countries, especially in industrialized regions.

NOTE:The above general Certificate of Origin indicates that the product(s) being exported were manufactured here in the United States of America. If this is not the case, please contact the Chamber for the correct form that correctly identifies which country the product(s) were manufactured in.

Please be advised, however that when shipping to other North American countries (Canada and Mexico), a special NAFTA Certificate of Origin (click to download) should be used in order to qualify for the benefits conveyed under that trade agreement. The NAFTA Certificate does not need to be notarized or endorsed by a chamber of commerce or any other agency.

Also, please note that many countries in developing regions, especially in the Middle East, have their own procedures and may require special documents. It is your responsibility as the exporter to research the regulations in the country of destination, and to make sure you have the appropriate documents. You can find much helpful information through The Trade Information Center. Visit their Web site at www.trade.gov/td/tic, or feel free to call them at 1-800-USA-TRADE.

How to Get a Certificate of Origin from the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce

If you need a Certificate of Origin issued by the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce, please:

  • Complete, sign and have notarized the appropriate Certificate of Origin
  • Complete, sign and have notarized the Brooklyn Chamber Affidavit
  • Attach all original shipment invoices for all items referenced on the certificate
  • If you are not a Member of the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce, please attach a check or money order in the amount of $30 per certificate requested. There is no charge to Brooklyn Chamber Members.

Send all of the documents listed above to:

Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce
335 Adams Street
Suite 2700
Brooklyn, NY 11201
Attn: Certificate of Origin

The Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce has a notary public on staff who will provide notary services to Members (free of charge) and to non-Members (for a fee of $10) seeking Certificates of Origin. If it is convenient for you, you may visit our office to have your documents (detailed above) notarized and drop them off with us. Please call us at 718 875-1000, before you come to our office to make sure that our notary is available, and please be aware that you will be required to present an official photo ID to our notary. If you have another notary that you prefer to use, you are encouraged to do so. In that case, please send your completed, notarized documents along with the $30/document processing fee, if applicable, to the address listed above.

Please allow 7 to 10 business days for Brooklyn Chamber staff to review your documents, process your certificate and return the endorsed certificate and your original invoices to you via U.S. Mail. Should you need your certificates returned to you more quickly, please email the Chamber at info@brooklynchamber.com, or call at 718 875-1000. Please be advised that there may be additional charges for expedited processing, shipping and handling.

NOTE: You MUST call the Chamber to ensure that there is a representative who will be available for you upon arrival.