Staffing & Human Resources

Now more than ever, business competitiveness and viability rely on a strong, well trained workforce. The Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce understands the needs of small businesses and their ability to attract and retain qualified workers. We are here to support small businesses by helping them recruit the right workers and access programs and incentives that can help businesses save time and money.

Good Help

Recruitment starts with the right job description. Good Help can help you draft a job description, determine the right salary, and source and screen candidates for your open jobs. From admin and accounting, to maintenance and warehousing, Good Help sources candidates for your company from multiple places and only refers you those suited for your company.

In House HR Expertise and a Chamber Network of Referrals

Small businesses often face challenges around employment that they are not well equipped to deal with - payroll and taxes, legal issues, complaints, compliance, insurance and changes in legislation. The Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce has a wide network of experts within its membership that can assist you with all of your HR needs.

Training Resources

The city offers a wide array of training resources to help you maintain a top notch workforce. From customized training across multiple sectors and occupations to wage subsidy programs, contact us for more information about resources available to help you train your workers, save time and money.

Labor Market Information

Brooklyn is a large city with nearly a half million jobs, and an economy unique to the city as a whole. Through regular updates and publications, the Chamber researches and reports on the changing trends in economic drivers and employment in the borough. Click here for recent reports.

The Chamber also supports real time labor market information through the NYC Labor Market Information Service, and the NYC Workforce Investment Board.

Legislation and Advocacy

The Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce proudly supports the voice of small business at the local, state and federal level. Our role is to advocate on your behalf about HR and employment legislation that affects your small business. Contact us if you have issues that we can assist with. For more information on our current legislative agenda click here.

For more information on recruitment services, workforce development or to list a position on the Job Listing please contact Tondalaya London at 718-875-1000 x108 or