Large and Skilled Labor Force

Brooklyn is home to a large and highly skilled labor force, as well as an array of educational and vocational institutions where workers can further develop their skills.

  • 1.1 million workers live in Brooklyn
  • In Brooklyn workers proliferate in various industries:
    • 25.8% in educational, health and social services
    • 10.4% in professional, scientific, management services
    • 10.2 % in finance, insurance and real estate
  • The diversity of Brooklyn's labor force is evident: over 250,000 are skilled in managerial, technical and administrative fields
  • Your Brooklyn business will also be able to draw on the 3.3 million workers that live within easy commuting distance
  • Brooklyn offers world-class colleges and universities with over 32,000 students to help you with the ongoing process of cultivating your work force. These institutions will not only provide you with excellent training facilities, but also with access to cutting-edge research