Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce’s Neighborhood Entrepreneurship Project

Neighborhood Entrepreneurs Progam (NEP)Partnering with local businesses, community groups and relevant stakeholders, the Neighborhood Entrepreneurship’s Project aims to assist merchants in accessing resources to help grow their business and provide organizational capacity building and support for the upstart or upkeep of their local merchant group.

The goals of the project are to:

  • Assist local commercial districts in organizing or expanding a merchant association
  • Develop and execute a strategy to enhance their district with streetscape improvements
  • Access one on one technical assistance such as financing, hiring, marketing and minority certification to help a merchant grow their business
  • Understand the local consumer base and develop a framework to market their business and commercial district as a desirable place to shop
  • Support efforts to maintain positive and productive relationships with relevant stakeholders
  • Gain visibility through timely events, tours and promotional support


We are grateful for the generosity of our current and former program sponsors:

  • Avenue NYC
  • NYC Council Discretionary Funding
  • NYS Assembly
  • NYS Senate
  • TD Bank
  • JPMorgan Chase Foundation

For more information on the Neighborhood Entrepreneurship Project please contact Andrew Steininger at 718-875-1000 x 137.