Member Promotion

By joining the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce you are entering a network of over 2,200 unique and diverse businesses across Brooklyn. Once a part of this network, you have access to an array of resources to help your business succeed, and thrive.

Networking Events

The Chamber hosts a multitude of events throughout the year aimed at connecting individuals from across the borough. These events are excellent opportunities for members to expand their client base and develop important relationships for years to come.

Chamber Committees

Chamber committees connect individuals within a certain industry, or those with common interests. For example, the Real Estate Committee brings together leading real estate and development professionals from across Brooklyn, while the Small Business Seminar Committee connects small business owners and entrepreneurs. Committees meet on a monthly basis.

The Right Membership to Fit Your Needs

The best part is that the Chamber offers a multitude of membership packages to meet your specific needs and goals. From the largest corporations in Brooklyn to Mom-and-Pop shops, we have a membership that is right for you.