Eagle Purification Systems, Inc.

Chamber networking and services provide healthy boost to this environmental business

What does your business do?  When and Why did you join the Chamber?

I started Eagle Purification Systems in 2001 as a way to help people and make an income at the same time.  Through my company I distribute air and water purifiers for the home and the office throughout the five boroughs of NYC. Our air purifiers alleviate the problems of breathing and other quality of life issues for pet dander, smoke, dust, bacteria, and many of the hundreds of little known indoor pollutants. Our water purification products not only filter tap water, but also purify it, making it much safer to consume and use in cooking and on your skin.

I joined the Chamber nearly three years ago. I had heard from other networking groups in Brooklyn and Manhattan that the Brooklyn Chamber was big and powerful and had excellent networking venues.

How has the Brooklyn Chamber helped your business?

I joined the Chamber for the networking and for the first two years that is what I focused on.  I regularly attended the monthly Business After Hours and other Chamber seminars and events, including participating on the Membership Committee.  I have made a number of solid contacts; in fact, I partnered with Chamber Member Ralph Murray of Eco+Logic, who is in the same environmental technology business.  Our companies have both skyrocketed since the EPA declared that indoor air pollution is the number one health hazard in this country.  That’s why I began to pay attention to and take advantage of some of the other various resources available at the Chamber, like the Business Solutions Center, where Ralph and I went over our extensive marketing plan with Rick Russo. I look forward to working more closely with the Chamber staff to continue expanding my business.