'HUGE' success for new Chamber member

How did the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce help your business?

From getting to know the neighborhood and establishing business contacts to helping us select our phone services and receive tax benefits the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce proved to be one stop destination for all the business related help we needed.

Moving to Brooklyn turned out to be one of the smartest decisions we made.

When did you start your business?

David and Sasha started the company in September 1999.


What do you do?

We are focusing on advancing our clients' business objectives in interactive environment. Today, our success stories include everything from a powerfully differentiated e-commerce experience for the world's largest furniture manufacturer IKEA, to a promotion for VH-1 that became a runaway hit in its own right, to the launch of a new online identity for Puff Daddy (now P.Diddy) and Vogue (


Latest additions to our list of clients are among others the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce and New Line Cinema.

When did you join the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce?

As soon as we found out about benefits that the Chamber offers and that was two months after we started HUGE.