Internal Business Consulting

Chamber networking leads to new business for Francisco Acosta

What does your business do? When and Why did you join the Brooklyn Chamber?

Francisco J. Acosta is Executive Vice President of Internal Business Consulting, a company that specializes in credit card processing:  “IBC works with different businesses to enable them to accept credit cards. We assess the different needs of our clients and facilitate the credit card process for them. Many of our clients require creative solutions, and that is what we provide. We are based on Long Island, and serve businesses all over the country.  

I joined the Chamber in August 2005 at the recommendation of Chamber Member Jerry Tuohey of Moveway Transfer & Storage. He told me the Chamber really served its Members, and I have found that to be the case.”              

How has the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce helped your business?

“Being a Member of the Chamber has made a huge difference for me and my business. I have particularly benefited from the networking. In fact, it was through my Chamber networking contacts that I was referred a client who became my largest deal to-date. I also serve on the Chamber’s Small Business Seminar Committee and the Minority and Women Business Owners Committee, both of which have been very helpful. I’ve had the opportunity to network more, and gained insight into how the Chamber works. I only wish I had joined sooner.”