Muffin & Me, LLC

"The Chamber helped me turn my idea into a reality," says Regina Stone

What does your business do? When and Why did you join the Brooklyn Chamber? 

Regina Stone owns and operates her online boutique that sells apparel and accessories for women and their pet dogs from her Brooklyn office.  “We attract both female dog-owners and non-dog-owners, and provide both with attractive and affordable clothing.

I joined the Chamber in July 2006, one month after starting my business. I found the Chamber listed on a New York government Web site as an important resource for business owners.”      
How has the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce helped your business?

“Even before I joined the Chamber, I went to their Brooklyn Business Solutions Center where I was able to get the information I needed to turn my idea into a reality. They helped me to understand the structure of a business and provided me with the insight necessary to get things started properly. They were so helpful that I joined the Chamber and I am so glad that I did. Shortly after my company’s listing appeared on’s Member directory, I received phone calls of support from other Members. I am a very new Member now, but am certain one day I will be a longtime Member.