Active Transport Messenger Service

The Chamber delivers citywide connections for Peter Petino

What does your business do? When and Why did you join the Brooklyn Chamber?

Peter Petino runs his 18 year-old messenger service from Park Slope: “We work hard to fulfill our mission of connecting businesses – and all at reasonable rates. We have courier and messenger routes and shipping services through UPS and DHL throughout Brooklyn and the city, with rush routes and same day deliveries. We arrange for storage and repacking and provide postage stamps, rental mailboxes, small bulk mailings and cost analysis consulting – unique services for a messenger business. Active has built a great base of clients, small to large, including many Chamber Members like Brooklyn Museum, Commerce Bank, Health Plus, Long Island University and Lutheran Medical Center. We joined the Chamber in 1988, just after I started the business, for support and to grow the company.”

How has your Brooklyn Chamber membership helped your business?

“The Chamber helps you to feel and actually be part of an interactive community. It provides a tremendous opportunity for networking with other businesses. Several Chamber Members provide us with the products and services we need to operate – everything from financing to equipment and more. The Chamber’s educational seminars are very important and its free Good Help staffing service has been extremely helpful to us.”