Brooklyn Philharmonic

The Chamber is an invaluable resource for this nonprofit arts institution.

What does your business do? When and Why did you join the Brooklyn Chamber?

We are a nationally recognized orchestra with a mission of introducing the best new music of our time while shining light on the great repertoire of the past. In addition to our main-stage series at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, we endeavor to educate, engage, and nurture creativity in people through a series we perform at branches of the Brooklyn Public Library, the Brooklyn Museum and in the borough’s houses of worship, and through our Education Department we organize over 400 performances and mentoring sessions in schools and at senior and community centers throughout the borough.

When Catherine Cahill was appointed as CEO in 2001, it immediately became clear to her that increasing our involvement with the Chamber was essential to expanding our presence in the communities of Brooklyn.

How has the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce assisted you in your business?

The Chamber has proven to be an invaluable resource for the Brooklyn Philharmonic.  As a nonprofit arts institution, the Chamber allows us access to businesses throughout the borough; the lobbying trips have been instrumental in strengthening our ties to all levels of government; the dinners and seminars have allowed us to connect face-to-face with the Brooklyn business community; and the newspaper Brooklyn Progress provides an important communications device for reaching the borough’s residents.

“We are a nationally recognized orchestra with an innovative approach to classical music. The Brooklyn Chamber is the largest and most innovative chamber of commerce in the country. It is a perfect match.” – Catherine Cahill, CEO