Three Guys From Brooklyn

‘Three Guys’ Who ‘Produce’ For Southern Brooklyn

Three Guys from Brooklyn is more than a produce store – it’s a family.

For the owners, Philip Penta, Sr., his son Philip Penta, Jr., and Scott Zimmerman, family is still a big part of what they do at the corner of 6502 Fort Hamilton Parkway in Dyker Heights.

The store has one of the most ethnically-diverse clienteles in New York City – so much so that sometimes it is jokingly referred to as “the UN of grocery stores.”

This is not just a store to buy produce, it’s a place where neighbors meet, socialize and run into old friends, and old friends, and it’s a community favorite,” said Philip Penta Jr. “Three Guys is unique and it exemplifies the character that draws people to New York City. We are truly a family-owned and operated business and one of the last of its kind.”

Indeed, the store has become a landmark since the current owners took over in 1998. The business all began when Stanley Zimmerman opened a fruit store on 65th Street and Fort Hamilton Parkway back in 1975. Under the current management, the store has made its mission to provide the community with fresh – and affordable – fruits and vegetables.

“Three Guys is also committed to being environmentally responsible,” said Penta. “We are the very first green grocer in Brooklyn to address the problem of solid food waste disposal. Three Guys turned to the most intelligent alternative to solid food waste disposal – a biological solution that converts solid food waste into liquid, suitable for discharge into conventional sewer systems.”

As Chamber members, the owners of 3 Guys from Brooklyn have been thankful for all the organization has done to help them with their business.

“We want to thank the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce for your support in solving problems for small businesses,” said Penta. “Your efforts made sure that businesses like ours can operate and stay in business. You have kept 66 employees working and helped preserve this unique and special store. Thanks for your persistence, counsel and continued support. Keep up the great work you are doing!” 



3 Guys From Brooklyn: The corner of 6502 Hamilton Parkway has become synonymous with fresh produce and great service. (Photo courtesy: