NYC Family Enterprise Center

August 30, 2018
NYC Family Enterprise Center

NYC Family Enterprise Center (NYCFEC - takes an advanced, comprehensive approach to helping educate and inspire NYC area family businesses to build long-term, sustainable family enterprises and healthy family relationships.  Family businesses that have lasted generations have been taking proactive steps to provide on-going educational programs. Without life-long learning to build their knowledge, skills, and understanding families and their businesses struggle with adapting, quality decision making, growth, leadership, relationships, transitions, and survival to name a few. NYCFEC provides in-depth, local programs, inspiration, special interest groups, and other resources for everyone involved, including family members, board members, management, owners/shareholders and trustees throughout the greater NYC area. NYCFEC believes offering educational sessions for everyone involved is worth the investment, so the entire family business system become healthier and stronger.  

Since challenges can be complex and sensitive, sessions are kept small and confidential to allow for plenty of discussion and questions. They are held in a neutral and safe environment too. Attendees do not have provide their last name or any information about their business or family for comfort.  NYCFEC provides outstanding faculty who have substantial expertise working with family businesses, without being sold services or solicited. No commercial influence is permitted, so attendees do not have to worry about hearing just one perspective.  NYCFEC Faculty are asked to bring their real world, practical expertise, knowledge and wisdom, leaving any sales pitches outside of the room.  All sessions are designed for each group attending.

NYCFEC believes in the power of on-going education for everyone involved, not just the President or a few people. Leaving a family member, board member, shareholder, trustee or someone else behind can create significant problems and not allow everyone to move forward effectively, efficiently and enjoyably.

NYCFEC now offers the most educational sessions in the NYC area for everyone in the family business system and with outstanding faculty.  The sessions are local, reasonably priced and impactful. Limited scholarships are offered for the smallest family businesses. Additional benefits are offered with NYCFEC membership. Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce members receive a 25% discount on sessions using code BCC051.

Family businesses typically think long-term and care about future generations, but sometimes do not know how to take the next step. Building healthy family relationships, a healthy family business system, and a healthy ecosystem is not easy alone, but are some of the keys for achieving longevity.

The long-term vision for the Center to help thousands of families and the key people involved with their family businesses in the NYC area. Ultimately, we believe that NYCFEC will have a positive impact on not just future generations of families, boards, management, owners, trustees, but also their employees, customers, suppliers and communities, thus improving the lives of millions of people throughout the NYC area.  

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